Sonos IS Multi-room Music

We’ve all been there:

You’re bouncing around the FM or satellite dial, trying to find just the right radio station to complement a long drive, an evening at home or an afternoon spent working in the garage. Sometimes, you get it right… And other times, you’re left wishing you had a broader scope of options from which to choose.

Let’s take it a step further: You’re working on a project in a specific room of your home while listening to a favorite piece of music, only to more than occasionally be summoned to a different area of the house, thereby missing large chunks of your tunes.

Enter Sonos.


A modern marvel that seamlessly blends instant access to endless music, superb wireless function, a flexible multi-room system and simple setup, Sonos is a must-have for any music lover.

Back to that search for the perfect radio station: 100,000 is a big number when applied to almost any scenario, but consider that number in terms of broadcasting stations. That’s what Sonos puts you in touch with! And the listening options are scattered worldwide, at the touch of a finger through a very easy to use navigation menu. So, if your Sunday afternoon spent cleaning the garage pairs perfectly with the Latin beats of a Brazilian FM station, Sonos will make that happen.

Sonos-S5It’s easy to sell a product with eye-catching information like you just read in the preceding paragraph, but with Sonos, the operational nuts and bolts are just as impressive. Simply put, multi-room music is Sonos’ mantra; they’ve designed a multi-zone music system from the ground up, and that’s a big reason why their products operate so seamlessly and simply. Absent is the worry that the same song won’t be synchronized – slightly or more – in different zones, and present is the assurance that the number of songs you’ll be able to play simultaneously is limited only by the number of zones you possess.

Speaking of zones, adding them in a Sonos setup is extremely easy… So easy, in fact, that wires don’t factor into the equation. It all starts with mesh network technology (SonosNet), which provides whole-house audio coverage, ensures synchronous music playback and avoids sources of wireless interference. Which means the music gets to all the right rooms — near or far — at exactly the right time. Simply put, SonosNet makes every Zone Player (the hub in the Sonos wheel) a repeater that pushes music to the most distant reaches of your home. That method, compared with the idea of one central station broadcasting to all corners of a house, is much more dependable and sturdy. It’s Sonos’ secret.

Sonos-Controller-for-iPadAny way you slice it, no matter which Sonos products you choose – contact Digitech at 317-580-1922 to learn about which units are right for your home – you’re going to love the experience. Because only Sonos makes it so easy to add music to your life, in one room or in many. Playing the music you own or endless songs and stations streaming from the internet, it’s a wireless multi-room music system unlike any other; one that sets up instantly and expands effortlessly. When you factor in that your Sonos system can also be controlled by your Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, the choice is clear…

So, are you ready to experience Sonos?

We also offer Sonos Control4 integration with use of the Extra Vegetables driver.

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