Sonos VS Apple Airplay

Sonos VS Apple Airplay

For true luxury – and convenience – many people covet the experience of easy access to audio around their home. Gone are the days where you put a CD in the boom box and then crank up the volume to have any hope of hearing it in another room across the house. Today, it is relatively easy to have wireless speakers installed around your home or office in order to get a more authentic audio experience that doesn’t leave you cringing in one room and straining in another.

Two of the main choices for wireless audio on the market today are Sonos and Apple Airplay systems. Both are similar in that they can use your computer’s hard drive, as well as online music services such as Pandora, to fill your home with sound. And both possess a common convenient feature: you can control the music playback remotely with devices such as an iPhone without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. There are a few features, however, that set Sonos apart.

Benefits of Sonos Wireless Speakers

1. Sonos speakers allow you to fill your home with the same song in every room – or to experience different sounds in different rooms. Apple Airplay speakers also allow for a whole house audio experience, but they only allow for playback of one song at a time, while the Sonos speakers can simultaneously play five different songs from the same audio source throughout the house. This feature allows you to set different moods in different rooms, perhaps to suit the tastes of different family members.

2. Sonos speakers use a mesh network, while Apple Airplay speakers use your home’s wireless network. The mesh network is a smarter, more stable solution which is less likely to experience interference or other problems. A mesh network is beneficial because it can diagnose itself and automatically correct problems. So if one area of the home is receiving interference, a different device on the network will take over the streaming without interrupting the flow of music, since every linked device on the mesh network can both send and receive signal.

3. The Sonos system can also work on Android devices like phones and tablets not just Apple products. Sonos also has an award winning software interface that seamlessly controls Pandora, your iTunes or mp3’s, and also internet radio stations from around the world.

For smart reliability and clear sound quality, many customers prefer Sonos speakers.

What characteristics do you look for in wireless speakers?

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