Start 2018 by Making Your Indiana Home Smarter

Start 2018 by Making Your Indiana Home Smarter

Update Your House for the New Year with Smart Home Automation

You may be thinking about the upcoming Christmas or Hanukkah holidays and celebrating with friends and family, but it’s not too early to consider what your goals are for the New Year.

Ask yourself, “what am I proud of accomplishing in 2017?” and “what still needs to be done in 2018?” Don’t neglect your plans for home renovations and lifestyle changes. Not only can smart home automation contribute to a beautiful interior design in your Fishers, IN home, but it can also help you accomplish your personal goals and manage your busy schedule. Here’s how!

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Create a Routine with Smart Scenes

You may be craving that Christmas ham or Challah bread right now, but come January you’ll probably want to hit the gym and work off those holiday calories. A smart home control system can help you get back on track and accomplish all of your goals. For example, create a scene called, “Wake-up” that plays music in your bedroom at 6 a.m. At the same time, the TV will turn on the morning news and the lights in the bathroom will turn on so you can get ready for a morning workout before going into the office. You can change the time and days this scene runs at any time using the smart home app installed on a wireless device.

Do you have a goal to get the kids focused on homework right after school before binge-watching TV shows? Create a password to lock all the TVs in the house for 2 hours after school so they don’t have the option to watch TV until after dinner. Any schedule you’d like to create can be customized within the Control4 interface.

Finish That Home Reno Project You’ve Been Dreaming About

Is redesigning your home on your New Year’s to-do list? Instead of stressing about the project, let our team do all the work! We’ll come right into your home, do assessments, and quickly install any home technology feature you want. For example, want to get rid of old curtains and replace them with motorized ones? We can assist you with choosing a style and color that fits the color scheme and theme of the room.

Or, if you really want to transform an old basement that used to harbor junk storage into a beautiful new dedicated home theater, we can create a team of designers, contractors and audio video specialists to come in and do the job for you. You won’t have to wait until you schedule opens up to finally redecorate. Let us know what you want now and your house will be brand new in no time.

Need more advice on how you can achieve your dreams with smart home technology in 2018? Just fill out this online form and we can create a custom package for you that fits your lifestyle.

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