SunBrite TV’s New Signature Series Models Are Thinner And Cooler Than Ever

SunBrite TV’s New Signature Series Models Are Thinner And Cooler Than Ever


TVs designed to withstand the harsh heat extremes, bugs, dirt, and moisture of the outdoors aren’t updated, redesigned, and overhauled nearly as frequently as their indoor brethren are. But when SunBriteTV announces new upgrades for its all-weather displays, you can rest assured it’s a big one. In fact, it would be fair to say that the two new Signature Series models debuted by the company this week represent a monumental leap over the already impressive existing designs.

How monumental? Try 50 percent slimmer, with substantially better heat resistance due to a redesigned, patented cooling system that allows the displays to operate in temperatures up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. (And I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty worthless at anything north of 85 degrees, so that’s pretty impressive.)

The new Signature Series offerings consist of two new models: the 32-inch SB-3270HD and the 46-inch SB-4760HD. Both achieve their thinner profile (3.76 inches deep for the SB-3270HD; 3.74 inches for the SB-4760HD) thanks to the use of a fully backlit LED array, which should also give the new TVs excellent screen uniformity and wonderful brightness.

The new models also sport powder-coated aluminum exteriors that not only reduce weight, but also improve the strength of the cabinets as compared with their predecessors.

The SB-3270HD and SB-4760HD are also completely custom-installation-ready thanks to the inclusion of RS232 Serial and concealed IR control ports, but they also come with their own weatherproof remote controls, in the event that you don’t want to extend your home control system out into the backyard.

“We’ve taken the best-selling outdoor TV in the world and improved it by leaps and bounds,” said Tom Dixon, VP of Marketing for SunBriteTV about the new displays. ““The outdoor living market is expanding rapidly as more consumer technology products become optimized for outdoor use,” said Dixon. “It’s critical to consider not only performance, but also how these products are integrated aesthetically into existing backyards.”

Of course, not all backyards are in Death Valley, so it’s heartening to hear (especially after the winter we just had) that the new Signature Series SunBriteTV displays are also capable of withstanding temperatures down to a brisk -24F. Like all SunBriteTV models, they’re also completely resistant to rain, humidity, salt, dust, dirt, and bugs, and the insulated electronics within also ensure that there’s no risk of getting shocked by the displays.

The new 32- and 46-inch Signature Series models are now available in your choice of black, silver, or white for $1,495 and $2,895 MSRP, which includes a two-year warranty, a weatherproof remote, and 20-watt built-in speakers. For a few bucks more, you can also add weatherproof mounts for walls, ceilings, or deck poles, wireless HD transceivers, and/or the company’s weatherproof media box.

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