Taking TV to a New Level: Inside the New TiVo Premiere Elite

Taking TV to a New Level: Inside the New TiVo Premiere Elite

Over a decade ago, TiVo hit the market and blew everyone away with their unparalleled digital recording device. It was unlike anything people had seen before and it completely changed the way people consumed TV. It didn’t take long for cable and satellite TV companies to build their own recording devices—and soon DVR and TiVo became the norm.

But TiVo is back—with an even bigger and better product sure to impress even the most discerning television viewer. Introducing the new TiVo Premiere Elite. It’s the only product on the market with four digital tuners. What does that mean to the consumer? You can record up to four different shows while viewing a fifth recorded program!

Not only that, the Elite’s industry-leading two-terabyte hard drive allows up to 300 hours of HD programming. For all those following along at home, that’s more than two times the recording space offered by TiVo’s competitors. Not too shabby.

Tuners and recording space aside, one of the most impressive features of the new Premiere Elite is the best-in-class user interface. In addition to a new HD, wide-screen interface, the Elite also includes an unmatched integrated search. This means you can instantly browse across all channels and sources including TV, Video on Demand and available Internet content to find something to watch or record.

So, if you already have a DVR through your cable company, why should you invest in a new TiVo Premiere Elite? The answer is simple: better, advanced-yet-easy-to-navigate features and an intuitive user interface. Here are just a few of the unique features of the TiVo Premiere Elite:

TiVo Premiere Elite Features

  • iPad App: Have the ability to browse the program guide and schedule recordings right from your iPad.
  • Multi-room DVR: View one shared list of recordings and playback content throughout your home. Also includes the ability to pause a program in one room and resume playback in another.
  • Web Applications: Access your favorite online apps including Facebook and Twitter.
  • TiVo Suggestions: During your TV downtime, TiVo uses smart programming to record programs based on your interests. Think it’s too invasive of a feature? You can easily turn it off.
  • Wish List: Choose a favorite actor, genre, director, or keyword, and TiVo will record any program meeting that criteria. While this might be available on your cable DVR, this is application is notably more user-friendly.
  • 30-second skip: This feature used to require a hack—but now is available standard.


If you’re looking to upgrade your current TV experience or in the market for a new custom home theater, TiVo Premiere Elite is worth checking out. It’s the perfect compliment to a killer LED/LCD TV and surround sound. Call us today to schedule a consultation to talk more about TiVo Premiere Elite. 

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