Tips for Putting a Home Theater in Your Basement

Tips for Putting a Home Theater in Your Basement

Consider These Features for Your Basement Renovation Project

A typical family’s basement in Noblesville, Indiana may be a storage space for various items, a laundrey room, or a guest room for visitors. If you don’t have a specific purpose for your basement, it’s likely wasted space, or perhaps it’s being used for something you don’t care for. To make the most of your home, consider adding a home theater. Basements are perfect spots to install home heater systems, but there are a few important factors you will want to consider in the process. Read this guide to learn more.

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Prepare Your Space

The basement tends to be the most dark and quite place in your home, providing the perfect area for watching movies and playing games. But furnaces, HVAC systems, and small windows can ruin this space. If your basement has any of them, take these steps.

  • If your basement has any windows, you’ll need shades to cover them. We recommend blackout shades because they completely stop the light from coming in. Automating your shades gives you the advantage of getting rid of any small openings between the shade and window since roller shades are installed by professionals that customized the shade to your window.
  • If your furnace or heating system makes noise, you can position your home furthest away from it, such as at the other end of the space. If the noise is still a problem, our team can design a way to block the sound using acoustic treatments.

Basements also tend to get humid depending on the season. Since electronics need to stay dry and cool to perform at their best, we recommend hiring a professional to inspect the basement and make sure there are no leaks. If your space needs a lot of construction work, those types of problems usually surface during the project.

To prevent the rest of the house hearing your show, we suggest acoustic treatments to contain the sound—especially if you plan on turning up the volume high.

Consider Any Other Activities the Space Will be Used for Ahead of Time

Is this room also going to be used for games like pool and cards? Do you want to put a popcorn machine in it, or a bar? Decide at the beginning of your project what you want in the room so you can  onfigure the layout. Pick a wall for the screen and where the seating will face, and then place the rest of your furniture, like the pool table, around the room. It’s harder to move the home theater system later, so make all of those bid decisions first.

Pick Your Theme

Our team will recommend the best surround sound system, projector, screen, and control system, but what do you want it to look like? You can trust Digitech Custom Audio Video to do a fantastic job with the audio video components, but it’s up to you to decide what the room will look like. Themes are a great way to show your personal style and interests. What is your favorite movie? Which sport team do you root for? Choose a color scheme that matches those interests and then a seating type that will make all your guests feel comfortable, like recliners or sofas. This is the most fun aspect of the project. Then, when it’s all done, you get to surprise all of your friends and family members with your new and improved basement home theater.

Do you have any questions about what is involved in renovating your basement? Contact us online to meet with us and get started.


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