Top 3 Benefits of a Multi-Room Audio Video Solution

Top 3 Benefits of a Multi-Room Audio Video Solution

Learn How Whole-Home A/V Can Elevate Your Living Spaces

Imagine being able to pause your Blu-ray movie in your living room and resume watching in your bedroom; or walking around the house and having music follow you as you go. That’s what bringing a top-notch multi-room audio video system to your living space means – absolute control over your media in every room.

But what are all the benefits of a whole home audio video solution? In this blog, we’ll take a dive into the various ways this centralized system can enhance your daily life and other occasions.

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Declutter Your Space

When you install a multi-room AV system, you centralize your audio and video source equipment. With various televisions and speakers in multiple rooms, you typically would see dozens of remotes and receiver boxes scattered throughout your house. But a completely integrated audio video system means you won’t have to deal with that stressful clutter – not to mention the visible wiring and cables that AV equipment usually brings.

Instead, all the source equipment can be out of sight in a storage closet, with in-wall cables distributing signal to each of your TVs and speakers. With your audio and video sources stored away, typical remotes can be replaced with universal ones from Control4 or Savant that manage all of the centrally stored devices you own. From the same single remote or mobile app on your smartphone, you can control your multiple cable boxes, music streamers, Blu-ray players and more. This eliminates the need for the multitude of remotes in your house; instead, use one remote to control any TV in your home.

Easy-to-Control System and Interface

Since you’ve centralized your system and don’t need tons of remotes to make it operate, you get to relax and simply use one smart device to control your entire system. Whether you choose to manage your system from a universal remote or a mobile application, you have command of your audio video system right in the palm of your hand.

Ready for movie night in the media room? Open your phone’s mobile application, select the cable box or Blu-ray player you want to watch from and the room you would like to watch in. Instantly, your smartphone’s screen becomes a remote that allows you to maneuver your TV like any typical remote can.

Likewise, with multi-room audio, you easily can make adjustments on the go. From your Savant or Control4 application, you can select the rooms you want music to be played in, the playlist or radio station you would like to listen to and the volume you would prefer to listen at.

When you choose Digitech Custom Audio & Video for your multi-room audio video needs, we also will take the time to teach you how your system works so that from the moment you begin using your system, you know how to make the most of your technology.

Enjoy Your Media Anywhere

Finally, the one of the best parts of audio video distribution is that you don’t have to limit your entertainment to one area of your home anymore. Now, the Blu-ray player that might have been limited only to your dedicated theater can also work in your kitchen or upstairs in the bedroom. Start a show in the basement and finish it in the family room. Pause and play with total ease! The same goes for your music.

With a multi-room speaker installation, you can control speakers placed anywhere throughout your property. Have music play in your bathroom through waterproof speakers or in your hallways through in-ceiling architectural speakers. Even add dedicated outdoor speakers to your system. You have total control over any connected speaker in your house through your distributed A/V system’s control interface. The options are limitless.

Want to learn more about a multi-room audio video installation from the Digitech Custom team for your Indianapolis-area home?

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