Top 3 Ways to Customize Your Home Theater

Top 3 Ways to Customize Your Home Theater

Create an Immersive Cinema That Feels Like Your Own Space

When you’re crafting your own custom home theater for your Westfield, IN living space, you want to cater to your every need and preference. But what makes up a dedicated cinema – what features can you actually customize to fit your specific needs?

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top ways you can make your home theater your own for you and your family to enjoy at all times. Elevate your entertainment today by reading on below.

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Get Comfy

If you’re going to be in your own house – you want to take complete advantage. Get all the benefits of a commercial cinema but with the comfort only a home can provide. This starts with your theater’s seats. You might not have seating as the top priority for your custom home theater, but it’s the largest factor in how you’ll feel the entire time you’re enjoying the movie or show you’ve begun watching.

Choose non-sound absorbing materials like leather that are great for both luxury and practicality. Set up your theater seating in an arrangement that lets everyone see the screen and hear the audio without straining or feeling too close or far away. Seats don’t have to look like standard theater furniture either! You can keep the seats along the lines of a traditional cinema or go for a more personalized appearance. This leads us to the next way you can customize your theater design.

Themed Theater

You can choose to go with a more traditional, theatrical feel to your cinema. With red curtains, beautiful décor, and seats that are both elegant and relaxing. But what if you want an entertainment space that is tailored to everything you want it to be? You can bring a precise theme to your theater that matches virtually any topic you want.

Design the space to look like a drive-in, with snack counter and seats shaped like cars included. Create a cinema that makes you feel like you’ve stepped right into your favorite film franchise or TV show. You can even step up the “traditional” theater with old film posts lining the walls, and lights and décor that match an old Hollywood theme. The choice is completely up to you.

AV Design

What audio video features you pick to have in your theater is really where the true fun begins – because the systems and products you choose have the most impact on how well your theater works to immerse you in the media.

Install a 4K flat-screen that lowers from the ceiling or rises up from furniture – or put in a 4K projector that hides easily until you turn on your system with a simple push of a button. A surround sound setup can envelop every viewer in detailed, high-end audio. Depending on your theme, install loudspeakers, cabinet ones, or in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that are less obtrusive.

You can also integrate a full-on automation system, like Control4 or Savant, inside your theater, just like the one throughout your whole home. Adjust the smart thermostat, dim the lights, lower the motorized shades, and turn on your theater system with just a press of a button on your smart device of choice.

Want to learn more about what your custom home theater can entail and how to make yours entirely your own? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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