Upgrade the Way You Use Motorized Shades

Upgrade the Way You Use Motorized Shades

Check Out What this Smart Tech Is Capable of

Want a way to enhance your Carmel, IN living space with style, elegance, and comfort? Look no further than motorized shades.

But once your shades are installed – what’s the best way to get use out of them?

In this blog, we dive into the benefits of automated window treatments and how to put them to great use.

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Change The Way You Entertain

You can create the perfect mood and environment for any room by simply adjusting its lighting. If you’re hosting a dinner party or inviting friends over to hang out, you want to make the ideal atmosphere for them.

As everyone eats, you can create ambiance by lowering the shades in the dining room.  In the living or media room, the lighting is also crucial. If a TV show or big game is on, you’ll want to keep it dimmed as well with lowered shades.

Dual shading can let you have the best of both worlds as you host. With two shades installed into one window treatment, you can have both blackout shades and a lighter and brighter one.

Roll down the blackout shades for a movie night, so family and friends can feel like they’re at the theater.

If everyone is still chatting and conversing, you can simply press a button to raise the shades and allow more natural light in.

Your shades are always at your command. Set “scenes” so that they’ll lower at a scheduled time. Moreover, they can react to other devices. For example, when you turn your TV on, your blackout shades will automatically lower as you get ready to watch a film – without you having to lift a finger.

Increase Your Privacy

Your home might have gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows – but those can be a hassle if you are seeking some needed privacy.  Windows in the bedroom or bathroom hold the same concern.
When you want to conceal them, motorized shades make it easy for you.

You can use those handy “scenes” to help you out again.  Set all your shades in the home to lower once the sun sets, so you won’t even have to worry about remembering to do so when you go to bed.

If it’s the middle of the day, you can even set the shades to come down when you turn on the lights in your bedroom or bathroom.

Covering every window with smart shades is a great choice, as operating them will be a breeze. Easily push a button on your smart device, and watch all the control fall into your hands.


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