Using Digital Signs to Catch and Keep Customers

Using Digital Signs to Catch and Keep Customers

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Enhance Your Commercial Business with Audio/Video and Automation

Do you know that song “Video Killed the Radio Star”? The tune from the 80s was all about one form of technology replacing another. Music videos had become more popular than the radio. Many call the kids of the 80s the MTV generation. But what about today? Videos have come a long way and are now even replacing paper! I guess video is killing the print star now. Billboards, brochures, signs, menus, and more are being replaced with video content. We now live in an image-based society where people gravitate to images more than words. So what is your Indianapolis-area business doing to keep up with the times and capture new customers? Digitech Custom Audio Video is adept in installing digital signs in Indiana businesses. We believe making this simple upgrade can deliver big results for you. Read this blog to learn about the benefits and what is involved in our commercial audio video services.

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Easily Change Your Message or Promotions

When you have a digital sign, instead of a traditional one, you can easily change your message. Managers can adjust the content daily, monthly or seasonally. You can also combine text with pictures and video, as wells as scroll through different promotions regularly to keep customers’ attention.

Play Fun and Enticing Videos

Make your store’s digital sign dynamic by playing a fun video. As customers walk by the window, they will stop and watch the images. Digital signs are also useful during the holidays since you can display seasonal materials and add to your décor. The combinations of text and video will grab the attention of potential patrons. You can make the display simple and small or large by placing multiple screens on the wall. All of the screens can play different videos or they can connect together to play one dynamic video.

Encourage Interaction

Some of our digital signs are also touch screens that allow visitors to interact with content. A person can walk up to the sign, browse content with the press of their finger and even order merchandise. Interactive kiosks allow people to take time learning about your business and also make a positive impression on potential customers. Whether the digital sign is in a mall, restaurant or museum, it will keep men and women engaged with your brand and make a memorable impression on them too.

Do you want to replace your static signs with video? Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about the benefits of our commercial audio/video solutions.

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