Want to Jam Out to Tunes in Every Corner of Your Home?

Want to Jam Out to Tunes in Every Corner of Your Home?

Take Your Music to Any Room with a Whole House Audio System

Imagine your favorite songs and albums playing for you as you walk throughout your home and go about your day.  Imagine listening to any song you’d like and switching to any genre you’re in the mood for with a simple press of a button.

This can become reality! Today’s music systems allow you to turn on music on command, adjust volume from any room, and search through songs all from your smartphone or another smart device.  It’s that easy – and that luxurious.

Read on to see how a whole house audio system can transform daily life in your Indianapolis, IN living space!


What We Love about Distributed Audio (and Think You Will Too)

The greatest thing about whole house audio is that your system is entirely integrated to create a seamless, high-quality sound every time.  You get to have the best listening experience with one cohesive system.

There will be zero clutter or intrusion on your space’s interior design and décor.   You can easily hide away all the equipment, wiring, and other audio components in a storage closet or space.

The equipment will be linked to your speakers in every room so you can control them all with no hassle.  And if you don’t want floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, in-wall or in-ceiling ones mean you won’t have any disturbance to your room’s aesthetics at all.

Managing the whole system means using one centralized source, whether it be your smartphone, tablet, or another smart device – regardless of which room you are in.

Do You Need Wireless Audio?

Wireless simply sounds better, doesn’t it?  On the surface, it probably seems a much easier option than setting up a hardwired system.

But while wireless sound quality is still superb, it is not quite as great as hardwired systems’ audio quality.  A wireless system means less clutter in your space – but that doesn’t mean you should compromise your audio performance for your aesthetics.

It all comes down to your home and its specific layout, though.  Our recommendation is to have an audio expert or professional come in to assess what is best for your space.  They can then determine what components of your audio system need to be wired or wireless.

What to Expect with a Hardwired System

A hardwired system can stream your music throughout your home just as well as a wireless one – and do so much more reliably!  The fiber-optic cables ensure that there won’t be any glitches or hiccups as you turn on your songs.

No matter the size of your home, the cables can reach every corner of it, and guarantee you will hear your audio fully when you want it.

Change the way you hear your favorite artists perform.  Learn more about a whole house audio system by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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