What’s New from Control4?

What’s New from Control4?

Smart Home Automation News for the Westfield, IN Homeowner

There are so many fun and exciting things you can do in a smart home, but are you aware of all of the system’s capabilities? Knowledge is the first step to getting the most out of living a connected lifestyle. It’s not just about turning the lights on with your phone, or saving energy with your smart thermostat. It’s about customizing your house with smart home automation so it fits you and your family like a glove!

Here are some ways you can make your Westfield, IN home unique with our Control4 solutions. There are some great new products you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you’re new to home technology or are looking for the next best thing for your existing system, this blog will be useful to you.

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Control4 When>Then Personalization

One thing we’re very excited about for people with home theaters is the Control4 4Sight App. With this app, you can customize your home theater system any way you would like. For example, you could create special scenes for movie nights, football, or a Call of Duty marathon. You’ll be able to adjust the thermostat, lighting, video sources, and more at the push of a button.

High-Resolution Music

Enjoy powerfully clear audio by streaming your music in high resolution—the highest standard in audio quality. Everyone in the house can listen to the artists they love, whether it’s on Spotify, XM Sirius Radio, Tidal and so much more. Control4 has also started a special partnership with Triad, a leader in smart audio. For decades they have ruled the world of custom-built speakers, and now if you have a Control4 smart home you can easily stream music anywhere in your home, such as on the porch, in the bedroom, even the bathroom!

Voice Control with Alexa

After creating custom scenes, such as Goodnight or Movie, you can access them using just your voice. Say, “Alexa, turn on Movie” and your home theater will get ready for a Friday night flick. The lights will dim, the speakers and TV will turn on, and all the shades will close to ensure your privacy. By connecting your Echo, Tap or Dot voice control devices to your smart home, you can perform many detailed actions like dimming the lights to certain light percentages or playing a specific artist like Coldplay. Explore the possibilities by asking us about integrating Alexa into your home.

Wearable Technology

Speaking into your watch isn’t something just for science fiction TV shows or a James Bond film. Today, you can do it with your Apple Watch! A study by Forbes found that 245 million wearable devices are expected to ship in 2019. It makes perfect sense too – who wouldn’t the convenience of wearable technology?

To manage your Control4 smart home system from your wrist, open the Control4 app on your watch and enjoy these features

  • Lighting: Easily adjust all of the lights (or just one lamp) throughout your home via preconfigured lighting scenes.
  • Media: See what’s playing on your television or adjust the volume on your multi-room music system just by selecting that option on your watch.
  • Thermostats: You don’t have to be at home to manage your climate. Set the climate for one room or the entire home.
  • Security: Make sure your home is secure at all times by checking the status of locks, alarm systems, doors and windows, and more.
  • Local or Remote: Control your home from the comfort of your couch, or use your watch when you’re away at work or traveling.

Would you like to add these new features to your system, or learn more about our new home technology? Just fill out this online form and we’ll contact you.

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