Why a Custom Home Theater Is Right for You

Want to experience the energy and excitement of the cinema from the comfort of your own couch? Ready to watch your favorite NFL team play from what feels like the sideline of the field? If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, Digitech Custom has a home theater solution for you.

Perhaps all you want to do is upgrade your flat-screen and add some surround sound audio to your current set up. Or maybe you want to take your home movie viewing to a whole new level—either way, we want to design the best home theater experience for your home.

From the very first consultation to the design through the completion of the project, Digitech’s sales and engineering staff will help create the ideal entertainment environment for you and your family–while remaining within your budget.

The possibilities of what we can do are limitless. We proudly carry the most up-to-date technologies, highest quality brands, and high-end enhancements to give your home theater system that “wow” factor. Here are some of our most innovative enhancements and options.


Digitech’s Custom Home Theater Components:

–    Video Projection Systems
–    Audio Surround Sound
–    Custom Seating
–    Acoustic Paneling
–    Lighting Design
–    Automated Shading
–    Climate Control
–    Complete System Control

We specialize in audio and video reproduction—our designers and installers have been trained to create the most compelling and engaging home cinema experience for each individual customer. We want you to be amazed at the clarity and quality of the audio and visual components of your home theater.

Call us to schedule a consultation to see our showrooms to see your many options as we collaboratively design your custom home theater. To help you start visualizing the different components and layout of your home theater, check out our Home Theater Gallery featuring some of our latest and greatest home theater designs.

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