Wired vs. Wireless Lighting Control: Which is Best for Your Next Build?

Wired vs. Wireless Lighting Control: Which is Best for Your Next Build?

Set Up Your Clients’ Lighting for Success

A home’s lighting has every say in how an entire property appears to guests and others.  So naturally, homeowners are looking for top-notch lighting control solutions when searching for a new home.

But when you work on a new home-build for a client who is interested in a lighting control system, you have a choice to make: a hardwired system or a wireless one.

What is the real difference between the two setups, and what are the unique benefits to each?  In this blog, we answer all your lighting questions, so you know the best options you can provide to your clients in the Noblesville area.


Hardwired System: Connected and Reliable

A wired lighting control system offers your homeowners a clean-cut look and complete centralization for their living space. Every lighting cable and wire is located within the home’s walls, and each circuit leads back to a single processor.

If your clients want various lighting fixtures and features all throughout their house, they won’t have to deal with unreliable wireless performance in controlling those lights. A wired smart lighting system can be fully integrated with the help of our team of installation experts, ensuring that each bulb in the house can experience customizable performance.

Hardwiring a system makes it more reliable as well. Systems like Lutron’s HomeWorks QS allows for seamless integration and guaranteed dependability. Each technology and feature within the system has the ability to communicate with each other and react to specific commands. Because these are all working through the same wired and centralized source, there won’t be communication glitches or issues with random lights not responding.

For your new-home builds, wiring the house for lighting control is simple since you’re building from the ground up. We can help you update and develop your designs to feature built-in smart lighting systems so that the home’s infrastructure already accounts for a wired lighting control system. We also can help with the prewiring and installation phase of those fixtures and control systems, working hand-in-hand with other stakeholders such as electricians or interior designers.

A hardwired lighting system is certainly more expensive to the homebuyer, but its installation has long-term benefits and pays off over the years – even adding value to the home. The process and equipment involved is more detailed, but the result is lighting control that works consistently and runs smoothly at all times for your clients.

Wireless System: Cost-Effective and Customizable

On the flip side, a wireless system entails multiple lighting fixtures in a home that are all controlled and managed by many wireless switches, dimmers, and remotes.  Every device communicates through a main repeater that homeowners can store away out of sight in an extra room or a closet.

This type of setup is much less expensive than a hardwired one and with much less pre-planning involved. If your clients are looking for a scalable and customizable option, a wireless system lets them make changes and upgrades with ease – without the need to later work on the in-wall wiring down the road.

Of course, as with any wireless system, you need to ensure that you provide the homeowner with the network infrastructure capable of supporting wireless smart technologies. As the Noblesville area’s leading home technology installation experts, we can work closely with your clients to help ensure their brand-new home network will operate at its best, supporting any lighting control system you offer to them.

Wireless or wired – a smart lighting control system is sure to illuminate and elevate your clients’ spaces. Our team can help you make the best decisions for each project you work on.


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